Frequently Asked Questions


Do At One Skincare products contain preservatives?

The At One Skincare range does not contain water or water based fillers so our formulations are completely free from preservatives.

How do I know if At One Skincare products are suitable for me?

While every effort has been made to formulate hypoallergenic products safe for every body, please be mindful that some natural products may still cause irritation. As with any product you use, if you develop an allergic reaction or irritation, please discontinue use immediately. Make sure you test any product that you are using for the first time on a small patch of skin on your body before use to ensure unwanted reactions do not occur.

Are At One Skincare products suitable for oily skin or acne?

Contrary to conventional wisdom, many botanical oils actually control excess facial oil and help treat pimples.  At One Skincare has been formulated to balance your skin's oil production and to tone and soothe skin. If you find that your skin feels greasy after applying a product you may have used too much. Simply blot your skin with a paper towel and adjust the amount you use next time.

What age group are At One Skincare products suitable for?

Our skin care is suitable for everyone, regardless of age or gender!

Why does my product look slightly different from the last time I purchased it?

As each of our ingredients are from nature, you may find that the colour, consistency and scent may vary slightly each time. These variances are embraced as a testimony to the fluctuations of natural life and do not affect the quality or benefits of the product in any way.

Can I use the Toning Coffee Scrub in the shower?

Of course! This scrub works best when mixed with a little water in the palm of your hand to form a paste before massaging into wet skin. The scrub is preservative free so unused product must be kept dry to avoid the growth of mould. For this reason we recommend you scoop the desired amount of scrub into a small bowl to take into the shower with you, leaving the remaining scrub safe and dry in the jar outside. If you do get any water in the jar (even a wet scoop or fingers can affect the product) you must finish the jar straight away or discard.

Do I need the Vitality Beauty Balm AND the Night Repair Serum?

Each product has been carefully formulated to achieve different results and are recommended to be used as part of a daily skincare routine.  The Vitality Beauty Balm is interchangeable as an all round moisturiser for day or night use but does not contain the volume of skin repairing botanical oils present in the serum. The Night Repair Serum is only recommended for use at night due to the precautions associated with Bergamot essential oil and sun exposure.

 Can I use the Night Repair Serum during the day?

The Night Repair Serum should not be used during the day as it contains Bergamot essential oil which may cause sun sensitivity.  A minimum of six hours should be allowed between application of the serum and exposure to UV light.

 My jar of Vitality Beauty Balm has small lumps in it, is it still safe to use?

The Vitality Beauty Balm contains botanical butters and oils, blended under moderate heat.  During temperature fluctuations you may find that the fatty acids present in the ingredients separate slightly and appear as small white balls. This will in no way harm the product or impact its effectiveness. Simply scoop the desired amount into the palm of your hand and use a clean, dry finger to massage until completely melted.

My jar of Vitality Beauty Balm has melted, what can I do?

The Vitality Beauty Balm doesn't contain any chemical thickeners and may soften or melt in the jar in warmer weather. This will in no way harm the product, simply use as is or firm again by placing in the refrigerator for approximately an hour.

Can I apply make up after I use the Vitality Beauty Balm?

Absolutely! The Vitality Beauty Balm absorbs quickly if the correct amount is used on your skin, and acts as smooth, even primer for make up application.

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